About Us

The Sporting Voice was created in October 2016 with a view to becoming a place where fans of various sports can come to read insightful and thought provoking features about the sports they love. Whilst TSV is not a news outlet such as the BBC or Sky Sports, many of the articles we feature will be written because of current affairs in the sporting world that have inspired us. We aim to dig a little deeper on a topic than simply just reporting something that has happened. If any of our features can intrigue you or inform you about something in sport that you were unaware of then we consider our job done. We live and breath sport and hope that we can provide you with insights, analysis and opinion that you will not find anywhere else on the web.


In addition to our usual articles, we also aim to offer sport reporting from various events. Again, this won't be your typical match report that you can find with any large media outlet, we aim to bring reviews from 'off the beaten track' of sport as well as candid opinions on large, popular sporting events, even questioning if they are really worth the money. The reason for this is we want to draw attention to all aspects of a sport, not just the big players or the big teams but the events that you can attend with all the family and still have change from £50. Maybe one of our match or tournament reviews will inspire you to attend a new event for the first time or become a spectator of a sport you have never thought about attending before. Above all we want to give an honest and unbiased opinion about how enjoyable an event is to the paying spectators.


Unlike many sports websites that include feature writing, we want to make TSV as inclusive as we can for the reader and allow them to voice their opinion too. That is why you will find a comments section at the foot of every single feature, we want you to have your own say on the topics you are passionate about. So don't be shy, join the debate!


In 2017 we will also aim to provide you with interesting interviews from people involved in sport, run the occasional prize giveaway and eventually even create a free downloadable podcast discussing all things sport. All the while keeping the website advert free to make it more inviting for the reader. 


If you would like us to attend your sporting event to write a feature for our website then please use the Contact Us page to get in touch. Maybe your sport or team is sparsely covered in the media, well here at TSV we can shine the spotlight on you whatever sport it is. As the website was only launched in October 2016 we want it to keep improving and evolving. With that in mind, please also feel free to get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions about the website, would like to submit a guest article or have someone in mind you would like to see us interview. 


It would mean a lot to us if you showed your support by subscribing to our mailing list. We will never share your email address and we will not send constant spam like some sites do. You can sign up here. If mailing lists aren't your thing, then following us on Twitter, Instagram or liking us on Facebook would be an equally great way to show your support for the site.


So take a look around, have a read and thanks for stopping by!


Craig @ TSV